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Customer care


Every piece from Ivory Cole Designs is created with love and care. Once you take your piece home, it should be handled as a precious piece of art. 

While resin is strong and durable there are some important care instructions to keep in mind:

  • Resin should be cleaned with a warm cloth and water. It is not dishwasher saf

  • Keep your resin out of the sun and UV rays to avoid yellowing to the resin.

  • Do not use your resin to cut products on. This may leave marks and is not made for cutting. 

  • Do not place hot items on the pieces as it may melt or warp the resin. 

  • Some pieces can be very sharp. Please handle all pieces with appropriate care.


Resin is 100 % hand made and is a piece of art. Resin should be handled with love and care. Imperfections, bubbles, drying salts, are all normal occurrences and should be embraced. Some flowers release more oxygen than others and can create special effects to your pieces.


Ivory Cole Designs is not liable for any damage or injury related to the artwork or being handled incorrectly. 

If you have any questions about caring for your piece, please reach out!

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